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We are officially registered with the corporate affairs commission, Nigeria. RC Number: 2684508

To build a business that serves the public and creates an ecosystem that meets the needs of the masses, through several integrated services.

To improve the pattern and procedures of shopping, advertising, training and currency exchange in a modern digital world. We are committed to creating a standard for business transactions online and offline.

The Elevation Platform, as well as SUPER ELEVATION INTEGRATED VENTURES is committed to Four (4) basic services, which include:
(1) Online and Local Shopping
(2) Crypto Training
(3) Business Advertising
(4) Currency Exchange



The big problem right now is that very many projects have no value because there is no use case to back them up. The Elevation Platform is aimed at correcting these anomalies.

Our Online Store
Our online store features many quality products.

Our online store has been launched, you can now shop quality products at affordable prices. We deliver goods nationwide. Many testimonies confirm the fact that Elevation online store is real and reliable.

Visit the store here
Excellent Logistics and Delivery
Not just online, but visible in your locality

Our Logistics and Delivery is excellent, we reach out to our customers all over Nigeria and you can now track your goods online before they are delivered to you.

Business Advertisement
A platform to showcase your Business to the World

Our advertising section will be very busy promoting several businesses and various organizations online and offline and they will pay us with Elevation Tokens (EVT).

what you get ?


The Elevation Platform offers the opportunity to buy, sell, exchange, advertise and get trained on one platform.


Prices of our goods shall be subject to the decision of TEP management and all our partners across the world.


As soon as we attract massive traffic on our platform, we shall open up slots for businesses and various organizations to run their adverts on our website.


Our Cryptocurrency Academy is running perfectly, our students are now learning how Cryptocurrency works. You can now register for the following courses:

  • *Beginner Course
  • *Intermediate Course
  • *Advanced Course
  • *Global Education Training.



Token Sale

Token Information & ICO

  • Token SymbolEVT
  • Token Supply500,000,000
  • Token TypeERC20
  • Hardcap100,000,000 EVT
  • Accepted CurrenciesBTC and ETH
  • Token Price$1
  • Min. Purchase$20

Token Allocation

40%Project Development
10%Marketing & Promotions

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Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions

Road Map and Future Events for the Year 2020

January – February 2020
Full Decentralization of EVT commences
  • - Skating and Rewards for Holders begin
  • - EVT Trading Competitions and Rewards begin
  • - Elevation Academy
    Admitting students into:
    (a) Beginner Course
    (b) Intermediate Course
February – March 2020
Establishment of Elevation Advertising Agency
  • - State Coordinator’s orientation begins nationwide
  • - Elevation Marketers’ Registration and Approval
  • - Expanding the Elevation Team with more skilled workers
  • - Merchants Registration and Approval nationwide
  • - Adding merchants’ goods and services to the online store
  • - Starting of THE ELEVATION SHOW
  • - Picking weekly presenters and Topics for Discussion on The Elevation Show
April – June 2020
Approving state coordinators in various regions
  • - West – First Batch
  • - East – Second Batch
  • - South – Third Batch
  • - North – Forth Batch
July – September 2020
Decentralization of the Elevation Online Store
  • - Setting up State management teams
  • - Training logistics teams in various states
  • - Intercity logistics operations and delivery begin
October – December 2020
International Coordinators’ orientation begins all over Africa
  • - Approval of Country leaders in various African countries
  • - Decentralization of Elevation Online Store to African Countries

Frequently Asked Questions

The Elevation Platform is an ecosystem of business, shopping, training, advertising and trading. We offer the opportunity to Buy, Sell, Exchange, Advertise and Learn on one platform. The Elevation platform accommodates many features that enhance business promotions as well as equipping people with relevant skills that can place them at the level of earning from multiple streams of income both online and offline.

The Official Currency of The Elevation Platform is The Elevation Token (EVT).

The Elevation Platform operates an Online Store that accommodates many types of currencies including fiat and cryptocurrencies.
The Elevation Platform also runs local stores around the world, where people can conveniently walk in to buy goods with the Elevation Token (EVT).
The Elevation Platform runs an online / offline crypto academy that teaches people how to invest and make money from cryptocurrencies
The Elevation Platform allows businesses and organizations to run adverts and showcase their goods and services to the world.
The Elevation Platform runs a mini-exchange that allows conversion of various types of currencies including fiat and cryptocurrencies.

The main products in our Online Store will be Electronics, Phones, Gadgets, Laptops and various accessories. With time, we will extend to other products, both hard and digital contents. The Online store will operate like every other online store in the world, various goods are displayed on the website for people to buy with EVT and they will be delivered to all locations within our distribution network.

The Crypto Academy will operate in two ways:

a. Online Training b. Offline Training The Online training will feature various courses on our platform and all registered students who have paid their tuition fees will have access to all training materials, depending on what level that have paid for. Also, there will be online instructors who will periodically attend to students. The Offline Crypto Academy will run like a normal school where students learn directly from instructors.

Yes, you can contact us for support 24/7 via email, Telegram channel and Facebook

All Pre-Sales will run from Nov. 12th-30th 2018, while ICO (Public Sales) will run from 8th Dec. 2018 till February 28th, 2019 or until the Hard Cap is reached.

Yes. You can join our Airdrop and get 50EVT worth $25 by completing a few tasks. You will also get more 5EVT worth $2.5 for every friend you refer to The Elevation Platform.

  • Write and publish your articles, info-graphics, artworks or videos about The Elevation Platform on blogs or social media.
  • Submit the link to your articles, videos, graphics etc to [email protected]
  • You can also organize seminars, workshops on The Elevation Platform (this will attract additional EVT tokens). You are required to submit Video documentaries of your events.
  • Or do a Self-Broadcast Video using Facebook or Youtube.

    All submitted works shall be checked and reviewed by The Elevation Platform social media editorial team, if your post is randomly selected, your Bounty account will be credited with 200 EVT at

    Measures have been put in place to ensure that EVT token remains relevant and continues to appreciate in value:

  • Our Online/ Local Stores will value each EVT at $0.5/token. This will greatly affect the price of the token in all exchanges.
  • Merchants and Partners all over the world will value each EVT at $0.5/token and this will determine how holders will value the token too.
  • Our Crypto Academy will only accept EVT as means of payment and all tuition and tutorial fees at the academy will value each EVT at $0.5/token
  • Our Business Advertising unit will only accept EVT as means of payment and all advert slots will rate each EVT at $0.5/token
  • Yes! If you can send your EVT into our staking pool, you will be rewarded with certain percentage of your total staked tokens monthly. Terms and Conditions apply. The staking functionality will be made available on the platform in Q3, 2019

    During the ICO stage, EVT shall be sold for $0.1 per token.

    The total supply of EVT is 500,000,000 tokens.

  • Maximum Token Supply: 500,000,000
  • Project Development: 40% [200,000,000]
  • Team: 10% [50,000,000]
  • Marketing & Promotions: 10% [50,000,000]
  • Presale Parts 1,2 &3: 1.6% [8,000,000]
  • ICO: 18.3% [91,500,000]
  • Airdrop: 0.1% [500,000]
  • Reserved: 20% [100,000,000]
  • All ICO and Airdrop tokens shall be distributed after the end of ICO between February-March 2019.

    Register on the ICO platform (, log into your account, from your dashboard. click on Buy EVT.

    EVT is an ERC20 token and requires an Ethereum/ERC20 compatible wallet.

    The EVT tokens will be sent to your Ethereum ERC20 Wallet address by March 2019, after ICO has ended.


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